Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Strength/Our Weakness

I took Sydney and Tanner to the twins' school for a special lunch. Everybody had a ball. Even Tanner had a blast eating lunch in the cafeteria! After that, we went to Jordan's classroom and he showed us around. In a matter of seconds, all four of my children made it to the far corner of the room. The Reading Corner. Then they parked, and prepared to stay there all day.

Of course, this is wonderful! Even little Tanner LOVES to read books. Jackson and Jordan would prefer to read books to just about anything. Sydney, still in preschool, now sits and reads chapter books to herself too. I LOVE that my children are enjoying something that I am passionate about! You can't go wrong with having a love for reading, right??

Well, I guess that depends on how important it is to do OTHER things too. Like housework. Or paying attention to one's children. I know you could never imagine ME ignoring all else in favor of a good book (ha ha) but it happens way too often. I think my children are learning a bit too much from me.

Jackson and Jordan each bring home at least one book, maybe up to three books home every day from school. As soon as they get home, they read their books, then read each other's books. Then, they re-read the best ones. And Sydney checks them out too to see which ones she wants to read. All reports say that the twins usually spend any play time at friends' houses reading their books. This happens every time unless I specifically forbid it ahead of time. Alas, it even happened to Sydney. She met a new friend last week and went to her house to play. I asked what she did when she got home and she told me she read her friend's books. Tanner goes beserk if someone happens to be reading his favorite book of the day. He gets very possesive of his books.

Is it our strength or our weakness? Still not sure, but at least we can all read as a family!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yay! It's gone!

So, Jordan came home without one of his teeth! It's about time!

Guess he has to write a note to the tooth fairy since he has nothing to put under his pillow.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is there a time limit here?

Hey, how long does it take for the loose tooth to fall out???? It's been over a month now, and Jordan's first loose tooth isn't much looser than it was when we discovered it! I'm beginning to think that the twins will be going into second grade before getting their first permanent teeth!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A good picture?

Okay. I haven't figured it out yet. #1 The art of photography is beyond me. I think I'll take a photography class. But it will only help if I I figure out: #2 How do you get more than one child to sit still, look in the same direction, and have a least a mildly happy look on their faces??

Easter - everyone has new clothes, and they're happy. Good time for pictures, right? I think a little too much candy got us off to a bad start.

Tanner was goofy, and the twins couldn't calm down!

Hope you had a happy, and picture-ful Easter!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Time for a hair cut??

I'm not sure why Tanner (22 mos) decided to raid Sydney's hair drawer, but I'm wondering if this is his subtle way of telling us his hair is a little unruly right now. It's too hard to do without at least using a curling iron! heh-heh.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


8 is great!

Okay, now I totally remember how exciting things can be when you're a kid. The anticipation of . . . say, a birthday. Do you remember? My husband and sister put together a fun "Bowlympics" party for my leap year birthday and we had about 30 people come. The hour before the party, I actually had butterflies in my stomach! (That may just have been because I couldn't figure out if I should wear "regular" clothes, in which I look a little fat, or maternity clothes, in which I look a lot fat, but have a good reason to expect some understanding.)

So, for "Bowlympics" we used our own scorecards instead of the bowling alley's computers. Here's what they looked like:

There were prizes (bowling pin trophies) for each category, as well as for best overall. It was really funny to look down the row at the lanes who were in our party to see all the funny approaches and sound effects ("hut-hut-hike!") which weren't what you would expect to see at the bowling alley. Andrea, the inventor of "Bowlympics" came and whispered in my ear after the first few frames seemed to go well, "Valerie, I'm so glad you have fun friends. I was worried no one would want to do this!" In fact, I think most people got a kick out of letting go and being silly for a little while. Then for the second game, we bowled a regular game and saw who the "real" bowlers were.
Cannon is doing the "hut-hut-hike"

Valerie with "no approach" (also "no pins!")

Yummy German chocolate/Reese's Pieces birthday cake!

Then, we had another celebration with my cute kids. Jackson and Jordan usually don't get birthday cake since they can't eat gluten, so I had a gluten-free vanilla cake with coconut frosting.

Happy Birthday!


I think this is Jordan's and Jackson's way of saying,
"love the cake, mom. oh, and happy birthday."