Tuesday, September 30, 2008

General Conference Activity Packets

General conference time -- yay! I love that in Utah you can just turn on the TV to watch conference. Problem is, we live on a mountainside and can't get any TV reception! Well, I also love that we can watch conference on the internet! Right in our own living room. Anybody have ideas on how to get the volume higher on my laptop? I can't figure out how to attach speakers. . .

Last conference we printed out these activity packets for the kids and they LOVED them. Everyone was so reverent that I actually was able to LISTEN. =) Try them out!

Monday, September 29, 2008

The SECOND First Day of School

Sydney is a little smartie. We have all known that for a while. She spent the summer reading chapter books. She says Jordan taught her how to read, but she taught herself how to read chapter books! When I need a break from little toddler Tanner, I tell him to take a book to Sydney, and she reads to him. She'll keep reading to him until he runs out of books to bring her!

Sydney loves school. She came home from the first day of kindergarten just glowing. She loves her teacher, her new friends, the bus - all of it. Around the third day of school I asked her a question, and her answer cracked me up.

"Did you learn anything today?"

"Yeah. We learned a new letter. But I already knew it."

"What letter did you learn?"

"Little m." Sigh.

I think she was disappointed that there were no new letters to be learned in kindergarten. Too bad they use the same alphabet in kindergarten that they use in preschool! 26 letters just isn't enough for Sydney.

Anyway, after a couple of weeks of research, meetings, testing (which, of course, she loved), and pondering, we moved her up to first grade. She is now in Mrs. Christensen's class (which, again, she is loving!)

Tanner and Sydney loved the whole first-day-of-school-photo-session thing all over again. This time, I told Tanner ahead of time that he was NOT getting on the bus. Things were much smoother this time around.

Another cool thing about first grade -- you get to eat lunch AT SCHOOL! Sydney was thrilled. I got a bill from the cafeteria. But Sydney takes her lunch! Apparently someone showed her the a la carte section. She's been loving it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

How to be popular

All you have to do (at least, if you're in second grade) is break your arm, get a cast, and let everyone sign it. For two days in a row now, we've had neighborhood girls knocking on our door wanting to tell Jackson how sorry they are that he broke his arm, and, of course, wanting to sign his cast.

Jackson broke his right arm when he fell down at recess a couple of days ago. He was soooo brave and tough about the whole thing. I probably wouldn't have taken him right in to see the doctor if I hadn't noticed his forearm sagging a bit strangely, because he didn't complain AT ALL. When the doctor examined his arm before taking x-rays, he asked Jackson to show him where it hurt, and Jackson pointed to where the doctor was holding his arm; the break was no where near there. Befor visiting the doctor, he calmly waited a couple of hours at home, ate lunch, did his homewrk with his left hand, and (see picture) enjoyed his time waiting at the doctor's office because he got to read.

Here he is waiting to get the x-ray. When I got out the camera, he said, "Do I have to smile?" Heh-heh. He was a good sport. He didn't even complain when the x-ray tech made him move his arm around to different angles for the shot. Did this NOT hurt or something??

Apparently, the break was a bit too much for our family practice doctor to handle, so he sent us next door to the orthopedic clinic to see a member of our former bishopric, Dr. Sumko.

On the left is the first set of x-rays. Even I can see THIS broken bone! On the right is the second set of x-rays, taken after the cast was put on. The doctor put the cast on, then molded the cast and set the bone at the same time. Ouch! He asked Jackson if he wanted a shot first so it wouldn't hurt so much, but Jackson declined. And he didn't even flinch when the doctor set the bone!!!! He must be super-human. Perhaps you can see in the second set of films that the bone didn't get set quite all the way. So we had to take off the first cast and try again.
This time when I got out the camera, Jackson decided he WANTED to smile for me. The thing is, while Jackson is smiling for the camera, the doctor is TOTURING Jackson by pressing on his break to set it (for the second time). Jackson hardly seems to notice pain, I guess. Here's the strange part. You know those little saws they use to cut off the cast? When the doctor used that on the first cast, Jackson fell apart and all but screamed in agony. But as far as I can tell, the saw never even touched his skin.

So here is cute Jackson with his new pal whose name is Slim. Slim matches the cast and likes to eat candy from doctors' offices.

And Jordan just keeps saying, "I wish I had a cast!"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Blessing Day

This Sunday we blessed Eli. We had a lot of family in town. =) Here is Eli with Grandpa Jon. Grandma Laree is watching with love from above.
Eli with Grandma and Grandpa Neslen

Tanner LOVES his Grandpas and manages to be held by them whenever they are around. Of course, he loves sunglasses too!

We managed to finally get a picture of our family together. That's kinda rough. In this picture, Tanner is holding a chunk of Jackson's hair, and Jackson about to start screaming. Jordan is laughing about something, and Mom is wishing we had done this BEFORE afternoon church.

Tanner always asks to, "hoad Ee-eye!"

Beautiful new blanket, compliments of Rynell. Thank you, Rynell!! You have a mean crochet stitch! (that means it's beautiful, btw)

Peach Days

I couldn't resist posting some of these pictures!

I'm getting behind! First day of School

The twins have made it to SECOND grade! Wahoo! That means a new school, and they ride the bus with the big kids. They are still in separate classes, but they ride the bus together, eat lunch together, and play outside together. Being a twin definitely has its advantages.

Sydney is in KINDERGARTEN!! My girl is all grown up! She's been ready to go to school for like three years now! She's been standing out at the bus stop since the boys started school, so sometimes I forget that she's never been able to actually RIDE the bus. She is overjoyed to be going to school! Sometimes she is sad that she still doesn't have much homework.

Tanner insisted on coming out to the bus stop too, and he usually wears his backpack when he comes. Somehow, I didn't realize on the first day that he thought HE was going to school too! He was already on the bus before I realized what was happening! I was still recovering from a c-section, so I had a hard time catching up with him and getting him off the bus. He talks about the big kids and the bus all day long now, and plays with his toy bus a lot. Only three more years to go. . .

Monday, September 15, 2008

Labor Day Get-Away

So, I'm a little behind posting. I don't think I should even use the excuse that I just had a baby. That's just how I work. A little behind. Anyway, with a brand new baby over the Labor Day weekend, I opted out of our family tradition of CAMPING. Undaunted, Cannon carried on without me and took four kids up to the Uintahs for some good ol' outdoor fun. They planned to camp from Friday to Monday, but since it rained and SNOWED, they decided it might actually be more fun at home for the last day and a half. I was happy to have them back.

Here is the happy clan packed into the van. Look how clean everyone (and everything!) is.

One of the MUSTS of any outdoor fun. Water. The muddier, the better.

At least we remembered the backpack for this hike. At 35 pounds, Tanner gave Cannon quite a workout!

What can I say?! CUTE!!!

And now they return. Tired and dirty. Notice the tent which is just thrown in there. Wet. We had 45 minutes to unload and bathe and feed the gang before church. Try that trick sometime.

Eli and I enjoyed the quiet weekend. But we were glad for the company when everyone came home. Next year, we'll be there.

What did your family do for the holiday?