Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2

Day 2 of my photo sharing!  Since I don't have an infant in my arms tonight, I can type with two hands.  So I will mention that I am taking a photo class.  Well, is that really what it's called?  Not sure.  It's online, it's called The Joy of Love, and it looked like a good excuse to dust off the camera and start shooting again! 

I admit that I am feeling a little overwhelmed with mommyhood right now.  A three week old baby is the sweetest thing EVER, but juggling the complexities of bringing a newborn into the house with the day-to-day of running a household and caring for 5 other kids and a husband has me on the brink!!  I have no room in my life for any projects!  So, seriously, a photography class??  No, I can't even be sure that I will have ten minutes together to work on it!  But I think I can commit to ONE photo a day, as long as I don't promise high quality! 

Today's prompt for a photo is HOW THEY LOOK.  I caught Jackson eating a yummy muffin, told him to wipe off the crumbs (he missed one, heehee!), and snapped a shot.  For some reason, it is so difficult to get a picture of him looking natural, but I think the yummy muffin helped him to relax or something. (Yeah, I know, that makes no sense.  But we're talking about a nine year old here, and it's a sleep deprived mommy talking about him!)  This picture is certainly HOW HE LOOKS. 

And I couldn't resist adding this second picture.  Those two.  I love 'em.  Jordan made the muffins and he was very satisfied that Jackson enjoyed his so much.  Uh huh.  I know.  I should have gotten their hair cut days/weeks ago, but don't forget that overwhelmed mommy comment!  Now.  Who can tell me which twin is Jordan and which is Jackson?


shanae said...

i love it they are so cute and what a great idea, just think when you are done you will have more then enough photo's, to make the grandma's happy

Emma Jo said...

My goodness they are cute. And I defer that question...I couldn't really tell them apart even as babies (except of course by memorizing what they were wearing on any particular day.) :)

kirsten said...

I actually DON'T think the photo class is silly right now (I wouldn't anyway) - you need an outlet. People always ask me how I have time to 'do stuff' and I'm like ' I HAVE to' or I'd go crazy here.

excited to see day #3! Which I hope is a baby photo!

Melissa said...

Loving this trend! LOVE these sweet of the boys. Hang in there Valerie...I'm praying for you a ton!

Emily said...

I could never tell them apart, but now that I have my own twins, I think it's funny that other people can't see the difference. It is so obvious to me. When people ask me how I tell them apart, I try to describe it, but they never really seem to get it. For other people's sake, I put Kade in blue, and Spencer gets the other color (red, orange, green, brown). Sometimes, just for funsies, I like to dress them the same and take them to church. :-)

I still can't tell the difference, but I am loving the photos. You are one amazing Mommy!

Missy said...

Jordan is on the right, Jackson on the left!

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I actually DON'T think the photo class is silly right now (I wouldn't anyway) - you need an outlet.

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