Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hey, check this out -- I'm doing a tag! I like tags, but I never get around to it!

A--Attached or Single: Attached to Cannon
B--Best Friend: Sydney (cuz the girls have to stick together!)
C--Cake or Pie: Cake
D--Day of Choice: Monday -- the house is so much quieter after a full weekend with everyone home
E--Essential Item: Diaper bag - forgetting it could be disastrous!
F--Favorite Color: Green
G--Greatest Accomplishment: 5 kids
H--Hometown: White Plains, MD
I--Indulgences: Pastry bites from Smith's bakery, and Bridgett's homemade chocolate truffles
J--January or July: January
K--Kids: Jackson and Jordan, 7; Sydney, 6; Tanner, 2; Eli 5 months
L--Life is incomplete without: Cannon
M--Marriage Date: March 17, 2000
N--Number of Siblings: 7--Jenni, Rodney, Paul, Evan, Andrea, Brent, JD
O--Oranges or Apples: Oranges, already peeled, please!
P--Phobias or fears: Calling people on the phone that I don't know well
Q--Quotes: "If you're gonna be dumb, you'd better be tough!"
R--Reason to Smile: Why NOT?
S--Season: Spring
T--Tag 5 Friends: Rynell, Heidi, Ashley, Heather, Emily
U--Unknown fact about me: When I eat Skittles, I eat them by color in this order: green, yellow, orange, purple, red (saving the best for last!)
V--Very favorite store:
W--Worst habit: Too many snacks!
X--X-ray or Ultra Sound: Ultra sound. For some reason, I feel like ultrasounds are safer.
Y--Your favorite food: Filet mignon
Z--Zodiac: Pisces

Monday, January 19, 2009

Our New Basketball Team

Okay, now that we have five kids, we officially have the numbers to field our own basketball team. We practice jumping, although we don't have much height yet. That will come. Eli just used his baby genious powers and has started jumping at only five months old! The big kids were so excited about it that they joined in too.

In other news, check out this picture of our handsome two-year-old. Jackson and Jordan have begun to hand down their too-short ties, and Tanner is only too eager to accept them. Of all our kids, I think he has the most fashon sense, and he knows when to pose GQ-ish.

The twins cashed in their Christmas IOU's for ski lessons this week, and now they are pro skiers. I can't wait to have kids old enough that we can all go skiing together!

Cannon and Jordan had a fun time going to a Jazz game not long ago. It's not often that one of the kids has one-on-one time with Dad, especially when you're a twin! So this was a special event. Cannon is just happy for any excuse to get to a game in Salt Lake!

More on Christmas (and Thanksgiving!!) later, but I had to post this picture of Eli. This is Christmas night, and Eli is helping his aunt Missy play dominoes. He concentrates very hard when he plays games with us.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Budding Stars

Jackson and Jordan showed their considerable charm as they auditioned last week for a part in our local theater's production of . Wahoo!! They landed a part! In fact, they both land the SAME part. They will both be playing Chip.

Fun, huh? These two love, love, love being in plays. They were known to write letters to their principal in first grade asking if they could please have a school play. It didn't work. But they did have a chance to be in a couple of plays last year with a group of home schoolers. They will also be playing in their second grade school musical - Shaharezade (anybody know how to spell that??)

Wish Cannon some luck with this one. They figured that since we would have a parent there with the boys for all the rehearsals anyway, why not rope one of the parents into participating as well? They needed men still - so he got the part!

Please come and see my boys in this play! It should be a blast! Everybody loves this show! Opening night is March 13, and it goes through April 4. Jackson and Jordan will be taking turns playing Chip, so if it matters which one you want to come see, let me know and I'll look up their schedule for you. Here is the website for Heritage Theatre in Perry. Let us know when you're coming! Ticket prices are very reasonable for adults and children (no children under the age of three).

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What to Post, What to Post. . .

It has recently been brought to my attention that I need a new post. What's it been, two months since my last one? Well, the thing is, I already KNEW I needed a new post! I just haven't gotten to it. The problem is, I really wanted to put up a couple of posts from our Thanksgiving trip, but I never quite got that going. And now it's AFTER Christmas! Plus, I hurt my shoulder and wrist. Typing hurts. (waa, waa, waa.) Plus, my baby is fussing. Not CRYING, just chatting in a please-pick-me-up kind of way. Ya know?

Maybe I'll blog tomorrow. Today (like the last month or so) I have the blogging blahs.