Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pet Peeve

So, I'm pretty much a live and let live kind of a girl. You do your thing, I do mine, and we all just do our best. It takes a lot to get me riled up (unless you are one of my children!)

That's why I was surprised at my reaction to something the other day. Total strangers did something, not even aimed at me (or at anyone, really) which had me steaming for a long time afterwards. It was last week and I'm still irritated about it. Want to know what they did??

They left their shopping carts between cars instead of putting them back in the cart return.

Argh! I hate that! It was raining/snowing at Costco, and all of my groceries were getting wet. My children were getting wet. My HAIR was getting wet. I think I was already cranky. In fact, this was like my first time going shopping since my morning sickness hit a couple of months ago. But, even though things were uncomfortable, would I have left my cart sitting in between a couple of parked cars where they could damage cars, create chaos for parking, and require some other human being to take care of what I was to lazy to do myself? No.

There were three adults with two carts. No kids to deal with. No disabilities that I could see. The cart return was actually pretty close by. I REALLY wanted to point this out to them, but my non-confrontational self stepped in and wouldn't let me. Then I REALLY wanted to offer to take their carts for them while me, my groceries and my children got wet, hoping that they could also tell that I was pregnant. But my rational self said that was a stupid idea.

I watched them drive off as I put everything into my car. I tried to glare at them, but still, that's too confrontational for me to handle. So I just steamed about all twenty minutes that it took me to drive home. Sad, huh?

It always bugs me to see the carts left everywhere. Especially with bad whether when they end up blowing all over the parking lot. I am always tempted to leave carts out myself, but I never do. No matter what children are crying in the car. No matter how wet I get. No matter how late I am. No matter how far away the cart return is (I try to park really close so I don't have to leave the kids alone while I'm taking it back) I always take it back. It's not that hard! One time, I was at Wal-mart and I decided that I was actually closer to the front doors than I was to any cartr returns (Wal-mart is the worst), so I took it to the front of the store. Before I made it inside, a manager stopped me with a very confused expression and asked what I was doing. I told him, and he just looked more confused. Then he smiled and said, "You're my new favorite customer!" Then he took my cart for me and told me to have a nice day!

And it wasn't that hard. I still want to tell those people that I for one, was not happy that they couldn't bother taking care of their own carts. I know, I shoudn't let a pet peeve bother me so much!

And other pet peeves out there?

Friday, February 22, 2008

Grown-up Wimpiness

Jordan has "show and teach" every now and then in his first grade classroom. He really digs it. It's probably the highlight of first grade, after pajama day. He's taught his class about seashells, submarines, and twins so far. What a blast! He practises at home so that his presentation is flawless. He loves getting up in front of everyone. I have been amazed at what a great job he does actually teaching about something. He must really pay attention to what teachers do.

Anyway, after President Hinckley passed away a few weeks ago, he decided he would teach about him next chance he got. When I explained to him that not everyone in his class believed that President Hinckly was a prophet, that didn't slow him down a bit. In fact, he decided he'd better change his topic to just teaching about the church. Cannon and I just listened to his ideas which we all forgot about until yesterday.

Jordan brought his note home saying that he was in charge of show and teach for Friday! Joy! Happy day! Jordan was so excited! When I asked him what he would teach about, his response was immediate: "The church!" Duh. He already told us that. I guess I wanted to be sure that it was his idea, and not mine. Why wouldn't I want to suggest such an idea?? Maybe because I'm a wimp and I worry about offending other people's first graders??

My husband and I exchanged glances, and he tried to talk Jordan into teaching about something else. Jordan was sure about his topic. Cannon and I tried to get each other to help Jordan (are we both wimps?) until finally Jordan sat down by himself with some paper and began to write out his presentation. He's so grown up.

He brought me his presentation, and I realized how wimpy I must be. Or maybe I just realized that Jordan is strong and true and not afraid of truth and right. He wrote about how we should keep the word of wisdom, and read the scriptures every night and go to church every Sunday. I told him that not everyone believes these things, so it might not be nice to tell them that they should do those things. He had such a sad expression as he looked up at me and said, "Should I say, 'can' instead?" I suggested that he tell people that these are things you should do if you do believe in our church.

He came back with revisions. Hi preface read, "If you believe me, here are the things you should do." What a little missionary!! So cute! We changed the "me" to "this church." He added a few more things, drew a beautiful "church" with angel Moroni at the top, and Jordan going inside.

He's so innocent and strong and so ready to choose the right. And he's right in wanting to share something he loves with his friends. Why is that so hard for me?? I know grown-ups are wimps, but hopefully I'll be able to learn from my kids. They're my best teachers.

Follow up: Jordan came to me last night and told me he knows what he wants to talk about at his next show and teach. "What?" I think, it can't be harder than the last one. "The Plan of Salvation," he says. Whoa. I tell him he can't teach that to 6- and 7-year olds. But I'm probably wrong. . . after all, he knows all about it!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our First "Woose Tooth"

An exciting discovery was made during breakfast this morning! Jordan who is almost seven, found his first loose tooth! Jackson and Jordan have both been patiently watching all their friends losing teeth, gaining new ones, losing more. . . I guess since they were so late getting teeth in the first place they're just on the slow track for the whole process.

Since I still have yucky morning sickness, I listened from my own room -- in bed. Jordan runs into my room:

"Mom, I have a surprise!"

"Wow, what is it?" Like I hadn't heard all the excitement already.

"I have a woose tooth!" We still have a hard time with those "L's".

"Really? Let's see." He shows me.

"This is so AMAZING!" He runs back to the kitchen, where Jackson and Sydney are checking for their own loose teeth and discussing whether or not the tooth fairy brings stuffed animals or not.

Jordan just keeps saying, "I can't bewieve it! I can't bewieve it!"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

So, today I decided that I really am the only person I know who doesn't have my own blog. Well, practically.

I love reading my friends' blogs, especially my friends who live far away and I don't see them often. And when I read their blogs, I think, "Wow, this is as good as keeping a journal!" Which is another thing I don't have. And I wish I did.

So, I guess it's time.
Here we go!!!