Monday, March 28, 2011

Soccer, Finally

Tanner has been patiently waiting to be old enough to play soccer for three years.  That's a significant portion of an almost-five-year-old's life!!  Okay, so he wasn't exactly patient, but he did wait three years.  This is his big chance to get out there and run.  And fidget.  And make silly faces for no reason.  And run.  And fidget.  And drink from a water bottle.  And eat half time snacks.  And fidget.  And get dirty.  I mean, we are talking serious FUN for him.

 He hopped (literally) right out there for his first practice before his first game.  Somehow kicking the ball was much more of an elusive skill than he was expecting.

I love that the most important skill that his coach taught the team was to only score in the correct goal.  His wisdom stayed with the players for the first half (for the most part!), but by the second half, none of the players on either team really had a concept of which goal they should be shooting on.

Here is Tanner after making the first goal of the season.  Yay!  That's my boy!!  Should I mention that he also made the second goal of the season?  He tipped it in for the other team.  I'm not sure how many goals Tanner made in this game, but I'm pretty sure he made more for the other team than he did for his own!  I LOVED watching his game!  He's bound to be an energetic player, and may even learn how the game is supposed to be  played.

Tanner! (because it's hard to say his name without an exclamation at the end!)


kirsten said...

look at you getting all caught up! (on my fam blog I realized it'd been 5 weeks since i posted! yikes)

tanner is a doll! so so cute.

Melissa said...

Go tanner!!! Lovin' this blogging binge Val! I seriously don't know Eli that fun to see what he's like and up to. :) Love you all!

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Dmit said...

Your child is so cute and looking dashing. you should plan of good education for him.