Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tour de Cure

Cannon has been itching to go biking through the canyons here ever since we moved to the mouth of Sardine Canyon. Personally, I don't understand the draw of biking somewhere so STEEP and UPHILL. Plus, you use the same roads as the crazy auto drivers. And eventually, you have to go back DOWNHILL. Yikes.

Well, he finally found some time over the last two months to do some day-time bike training. Didn't do as much canyon biking as he probably would have liked, but he got into good enough shape to ride in the Tour de Cure on Saturday. It was 60 miles (although they mistakenly added almost 10 more), and orginated and ended in Brigham City. Up until that day, the farthest he had biked was 40 miles. That was Thursday. Needless to say, he was tuckered out by the time he finished!

I'm proud of him. He's on the lookout for more races to be involved in. Maybe a triathelon or something.

Here he is in his ATK (work) team jersey.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's been Father's Day for a month!

Jackson and Jordan have been so into creating lately. Especially Jackson. He started making Father's Day gifts as soon as Mother's Day was over! That gave him plenty of time to make his many creations. Here's my favorite. I'm not even sure what's inside this envelope, but he made it two weeks early and put it on Cannon's pillow.

Here's the translation for those unaccustomed to reading the handwriting of a first-grader, "Dear Daddy, In this envelope is something for Father's Day but don't open it this minute or you will get in trouble. Love Jackson"

Here's my favorite picture by Jordan (he made a whole book, but this was the cover letter).

Translation. Dear Daddy, and a picture of Daddy. My family, with a picture of us. The two brown ones in the middle are Tanner, who is crying (notice the angry eyes) and Jordan, who is giving Tanner his blankie. (One of the other kids also drew a picture of the family, in which Tanner was also crying. Describes our new two-year-old perfectly.) Then a picture of What I did Today. Can't remember what that one is about. Then The Pet I Wish I Had. The kids have been working on the pet thing for a while. It'll never happen. But it was a good idea to send the message through while Dad is so happy with his kids! I love you. From Me. And a picture of Jordan. He's brown because that's his current favorite color.

Here is Sydney presenting her coupon book to Daddy. So cute in the morning, aren't they??

Then, as a special treat for Tanner (at least that's what Tanner thinks), my Dad stayed with us for the weekend. Tanner is "Gampa's" shadow.

We had a BBQ that evening with some of my siblings, and we all had a fun time and ate good food. Mmmmm.

Here's Rodney. Paul and me. Cute Tanner.

I love you, Cannon!!!