Thursday, November 5, 2009

Corel Paint Shop Pro

I had some questions about the photo editing (finally checked on the correct spelling of this word!) software that I use (and LOVE), so I thought I'd post just a bit about it. I am so not qualified to do a real review, so please don't expect much. I actually downloaded it for free a few months ago. I think Corel had just released the new version, Corel Paint Shop Pro XI, so there was a one-day deal to download Corel Paint Shop Pro X for free. I am SOOO glad I did, even though I didn't really know what it was at the time.

I like reading reviews, and if you want some, check here. (Wow, that was cool. I finally figured out how to put a link on a word! I'm getting so much technical experience these days!!) In my opinion, the price for this software is extremely low for something with so much depth.

You can use this software to make very sophisticated edits to pictures using easy correction or editing "wizard" type applications that work for beginners who don't want to invest a lot of time. Or you can delve into the details and edit with layers (so cool!) and advanced effects. I spent an hour the other day watching youtube posts which explain step-by-step how to create some advanced edits. Like pulling a person out of one photo and posting into another. Or some serious make-over action, including adding make-up and fake eyelashes! (Maybe I'll get good enough at that one that I will surpass my abilities to put on real make-up. Shouldn't be too hard considering my lack of skill in that department!) There are many places where you can download free, or costly add-ons which will make specific editing tasks even easier. The sky is the limit with this software. So fun. The only thing that it doesn't do that I wish it did is edit directly from RAW files. This requires significantly more expensive software and isn't in my sights right now. And I think when I get a new camera with RAW capabilities it will come with it's own software for this??

Why did I major in statistics when I could have learned super-duper recording skills or awesome graphic design and photo editing STUFF??! This is something I am deifinitely going to have to spend some time learning.

Here are a few before/after shots with edits mostly fixing lighting and cropping issues.