Sunday, February 8, 2009

Second Grade

Jackson and Jordan are seven. And adorable. In second grade, they do a lot more in self expression. They write stories, which I love. They write letters - especially to each other (they are in seperate classes). They draw the coolest pictures (like the one Jordan drew of his pet kangaroo fighting Darth Maul's pet with light sabers) which I want to save forever. Their imaginations are limitless. I honestly can't wait until 2:45 when I hear their bus pull up because I know that any minute they will come bounding into the house (loudly, even though every day I tell them to be quiet since their two little brothers are sleeping) where they will empty out their backpacks and show me the work they have brought home. Their math papers show their new skills in re-grouping (do you remember that??). Their reading papers require essay-type answers. I can tell if Jackson paid attention in class based on how many doodles are covering his work. I can tell if Jordan finished his work early based on how many colorful drawings adorn the back of his work (he doesn't ever let a blank space go to waste).

Last week Cannon was been gone, and I was feeling totally selfish in being the only grown up at the dinner table to witness the hilarious conversations that happen there. Here is part of one that seemed to go forever. I WISH I could have stopped it in the middle and recorded the whole thing. I never knew how much I would love having dinner with second graders.

Jackson: Mom, I decided what I'm going to name my kids.
Me: Oh, really? Don't you think you should ask your wife's opinion first?
Jackson: No. They will all have "Jack" in them. Jacko, Jackolina, Jackie.
Me: Jaquelin?
Jackson: Yeah. And if they're born in October, Jack-o-lantern. And if they're born in April, Jackrabbit. Oh! I could name one after me!
Jordan: I'm going to have 5 kids. Leopard, Lion, Cheetah, Elephant and. . .
Sydney: How about Alligator?
Jordan: No, it has to be a jungle name.
Me: Why?
Jordan: Because I'm going to live in the jungle. Oh - Giraffe!
Jackson: I hope you teach them how to speak English so you can come visit.
Me: You're not going to live next door so I can see my grandkids all the time?
Jordan: No. I'm going to live in Africa!
Sydney: I'm going to live in Perry.
Jackson: I'm going to live somewhere in Utah.
Me: Maybe Salt Lake?
Jackson: Yeah. Jordan, you better come visit ALL the time.
And it just keeps going.

I hope Jackson's future wife doesn't mind not having a say in her children's names.

Some of Jordan's art work:
He had 100 day at school and Jordan drew a picture of himself with his five kids next to their cave house in the jungle. They were supposed to draw a picture of themselves when they were 100. He had a mustache that was grey and looong. He was relieved when he heard that a lot of people in Africa speak English. He really wants his kids to speak English.
Here is the picture I mentioned above. Darth Maul has the two-sided light saber, and Jordan (green light saber) and his pet kangaroo (purple) are fighting him. Jackson's pet dog is fighting (and beating) Darth Maul's pet lion (notice the "mean" teeth).

Check out Darth Vader in this one.

Jordan is holding the red light saber in this one, and Jackson is holding the two sided green one. Again, their pets (which are actually the stuffed animals they sleep with) have come to the rescue. Anakin is watching from the bottom left.

Here is the groundhog after seeing his shadow.

This is a little love story about Cannon and I. We have been shot by love arrows. Also, our mailboxes have been shot by love arrows! I guess Cannon's house number is 39 and mine is 1.

This is currently my favorite. I found this on the kitchen counter after the kids were in bed and laughed out loud when I read the caption. Last week we had a day where we got about 15(?) inches of snow, and when the bus brought the kids home, the steep hill into our neighborhood too much for the bus to handle. The kids had to get off the bus and hike home (about a half mile). When they walked in the house, Jackson had snow covering him, including inside his coat ("But I DID zip up my coat! I just fell. . .") and Jordan said, "I think that was like walking to the promised land!" Sydney refused an offer for a ride and walked home happily, finding the biggest snow drifts to walk in the whole way home. They enjoyed hot chocolate. Then this picture. Jordan is frowning. And who wouldn't? This was the blizzard of his life!